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What is Emotional Face Database?

Emotional Face Database is a set of images displaying seven different facial emotional expressions (neutral, happy, sad, angry, disgusted, fearful and surprised). All images have been taken under the constant situation of lighting and camera set up from 40 individuals (25 men and 15 women in the age between 18-35).


The database has been validated through an online framework. The framework is still online and you can participate in database validation via Face Database Validation Framework (Farsi). The English version of framework is now online and accessible via Face Database Validation Framework (English). The first validation phase started in sep 2018 and we recieved supervised scores from 400 individul. Ratings were collected at two phases so far. Overall, close to 5300 rating records were collected with most images rated at least 20 times. The rating scores document is updating frequently based on new recordes. You can find it here.

How to use Emotional Face Database?

The database is freely available for scientific research. To access the full database; first, you need to register with your academic email at the database section. Then, send us a scanned signed copy of EFD Statement of Use to info@e-face.ir. Without user account you can only view public demo images. Visit the database section for more information. If you decide to use the database for your research, please cite Emotional Face Database as: Heydari, F., Sheybani, S. & Yoonessi, A. Iranian emotional face database: Acquisition and validation of a stimulus set of basic facial expressions. Behav Res (2022). https://doi.org/10.3758/s13428-022-01812-9.

Partners and Copyrights

The database produced by neurocognitive computing lab in The School of Advanced Technologies in Medicine at Tehran University of Medical Sciences in 2018 and officialy published in August 2019.
Copyright: Neurocognitive Computing Lab, School of Advanced Technologies in Medicine, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran.


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Meet The Team

Ali Yoonessi


Ali Yoonessi

Assistant Professor, Head of Neurocognitive Computing Lab, Department of Neuroscience, Tehran University of Medical Sciences

Faeze Heydari


Faeze Heydari

Researcher, Institute for Cognitive Science Studies and Neurocognitive Computing Lab, Tehran University of Medical Sciences


Neurocognitive Computing Lab

The Neurocognitive Computing lab team consists of interdisciplinary group of researchers in the fields of cognitive science, neuroscience, artificial intelligence and psychology. The lab is devoted to basic and applied science and uses behavioral, computational and physiological methods to study human cognition, behavior and the relationship between mental and brain processes.

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